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About LSB Forum

This is a forum in the Baltics where cutting edge biotechnology and other related industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturers from all over the world come to exhibit their products. In this forum, companies in the life science industry are able to network with others in the same industry from all over the world. these linkages prove useful the Baltic life science industry with regard to marketing of products.

Biotechnology and life science startup in the Baltic get the opportunity to meet investors from all over the world. The relationship between the startups and investors is mutually beneficial. The benefit is not only financial; it is also technological and knowledge based. This is because most of the investors are also engaged in the life sciences and they tend to invest in the fields in which they have expertise.

Among the people who attend this forum are industry leaders in the world. Nobel prize winners are a common feature in this forum as are other major players in the sector from over thirty countries. In total, the forum brings together 800 of these major players in the sector. Attending the forum means meeting with them and also sharing ideas with them. Among the information shared in this forum is the target areas of the European Union in the life sciences industry.

Understanding these priorities means that the individual or institution will be able to focus its activities on the areas of operation where the European Union is prioritizing funding. This increases the opportunities for funding for the company.

Participants in the forum are allowed to make exhibitions and presentations in the forum. In this forum where the leading researchers and entrepreneurs in the industry meet. Putting an idea or a discovery out there is a great way of ensuring that it gets recognized.

Life Sciences Baltics 2012 Highlights

Life Sciences Baltics 2012 Highlights


In 2014 the agenda for this forum had many items, the following are some of them.

  • Conferences and Seminars

In these seminars, leading scientists including Nobel laureates make their presentations on the emerging issues in the industry. Corporate players also make their presentations regarding the business side of things in the life sciences.

  • Partnership Event

Participants in the event are able to schedule meetings with people they would like to engage in well in advance. These meetings enable people with common agenda to share ideas.

  • Company visits

Lithuania has one of the most vibrant life science industries in Europe. It has 200 companies that are making positive impact in the industry. These companies alongside R&D centers and universities give incite of this industry in Lithuania to visitors.
Reasons why the Baltic is Ideal for this Seminar

  • For investors, there is a large number of life science startups in this region.

They have increased the portfolio of products. To increase their reach, they need infusion of capital.

  • Lithuania has invested 400 million Euros, for the development of research

valleys which will push it to the lead of the industry in Europe this makes it the ideal place to make linkages.

Other than biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the other participants in the forum include pharmacology, molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, industrial analysis, industrial biotechnology, environmental sciences among others.