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Lithuanian Life Science Sector

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Lithuanian Life Science Sector

Lithuanian life science sector receives attention of leading countries in the field

The Life Science in the Baltics forum that will be hosted in Lithuania will be graced by the presence of many senior government officials from leading countries in the field. These include ministers and assistant ministers from world powers such as China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States and many others.

These leaders came for the forum at the invitation of the government of Latvia. This forum has been organized with the intention of creating ties between the biotechnology industry and business. The forum will also create close ties between the industry and in different countries.

The fact that some of the leading countries in the field honored the invitation at the high level that they honored it is indicative of the fact that Lithuania is becoming recognized as an industry leader in life sciences the world over. Lithuanian minister for economy Evaldas Gustas noticed that the forum received confirmations from 1000 participants from over forty countries.

Participating countries such as the U.S, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, China and others have strong economies. This means that they are able to invest in the Lithuanian startups in the field and also in startups from elsewhere who come to seek funding. The number of such startups keeps increasing every year due to recognition that this forum is among the world’s premium gathering of life sciences investors.

The fact that this forum is organized by Enterprise Lithuania and not by players in the life sciences industry, shows that this is no longer seen as a mere science in Lithuania, rather it is a business with the potential to turn around the fortunes of the country.

The Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania Mr. Mantas Nocius confirmed this view when he notices that as an agency they recognize the economic potential of biotechnology and life sciences in general. It is due to this recognition that they go out of their way to promote the industry through this forum and also in other fora.

In this forum, participants will share ideas and also compare notes on their experiences in the different settings in which they operate. This sharing of ideas is expected to take many forms. Some of the methods that will be used in the sharing include lectures during seminars, trips to companies and R&D facilities, exhibitions and so on.

The fields from which participants will have come include medical equipment, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. While the forum is organized by Enterprise Lithuania, Baltic neighbors Latvia and Estonia are also invited to make their presentations. It is for this reason that this forum is known as a Baltic forum.

While there are, many great scientists expected in this forum. The highlight of the attendees is Kary B. Mullis who is a Nobel Laureate. The presence of a person who made one of the greatest scientific discoveries in the history of mankind is expected to be an inspiration to the scientists attending the forum. The attendance of the forum has increased from the previous one.

Countries that had not sent delegations in the previous forum sent delegations in this forum thus the increase in number of participants. The new entrants include; India, Oman, Philippines, China and Japan. This is an indication that the Lithuanian life science industry continues to gain recognition, the world over.


How to Improve Your Accuracy In Paintball Game

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How to Improve Your Accuracy In Paintball Game

Hitting an aimed target in one shot is the best feeling ever and it makes one feel skilled and powerful. You can become of great help to your team if you’re accurate at aiming more paintballs in a single shot. When the target is perfect, you’ll tend to conserve your paintballs as well as saving cash so that you can afford another paintball shooting session. Being accurate is the best skill a paintball player can have and failure to hit your target will make it hard for you to defeat your opponents. Have a look at the following points to help you in improving your paintball accuracy.

Practice Makes Perfect

How to Improve Your Accuracy In Paintball GameThe most efficient way to improve on any skill is practicing. Take your time and participate in a shooting activity; it can be in a shooting range or any other safe place available for practice. You can start with a fixed target and a standard distance. You can move on to shoot at different distances and angles once you complete the first step. After you’re skilled enough, you can proceed to moving targets and try your accuracy on targets located as far as you may want. If you keep practicing, you’ll improve day by day and get better. You may fail to notice your increasing capabilities right away but with time and constant training, you’ll be amazed by the results.

Pick the Right Marker

You need a paintball gun that is great to handle you have to choose the best paintball gun from the review over at and choose the best marker if you want to improve your accuracy significantly.  You need to know that various guns shoot differently and some guns fire more rapidly and are made for long distance shooting as well. To be successful in your position, you need to opt for the marker that will match your ability and skills. Usually, slender and long barrels proof to be more accurate. Also be certain that the paintballs fit perfectly in the barrel. Remember that guns with attachments make it heavier and this can distract your ability to run and carry the gun for an extended period.

Test Your Marker Before Play

How to Improve Your Accuracy In Paintball GameBefore commencing with your paintball game, it is good to check your marker. Ensure that it is dirt free since the presence of dirt in the barrel can alter the speed and the direction of the paintball. It is also necessary to ensure if your marker fires correctly without complications. You can look for a safe place that is free of people, pick a perfect target and start shooting at it and watch where it goes. Try once more and adjust your target if it doesn’t fly perfectly straight.

Align Your Marker with Your View

Lining up your marker with your eyes is another great tip for aiming. It becomes more challenging to judge angles when you don’t align the gun with the correct position of your body. You can ensure that the paintball flies where you’re aiming by centering the gun with your body. You need to be extra careful if your marker recoils a lot since it can fly back towards your face.

Be Patient and Relax

As a good paintball player, you don’t have to be so excited that you forget to take time to aim the target. You are required to keep focus and be patient since it takes a relatively short period to aim. A clustered mind and stuffed up thoughts make it difficult to aim your target. However, with such a little concentration and relaxation, you might be amazed just how your accuracy has improved.

Moving Targets

Those who participate in a paintball game are always on the move. This means that your target is also always on the move as well. A typical tip for moving targets it to lead them. Calculate your target’s speed and make sure your gun is pointed ahead of them. Try to find out where your opponent will be when you pull the trigger. Then determine the amount of time it will take the paintball to hit your target. Combine your assessments and fire at just the right moment.  Finally, being able to hit a moving target requires a lot of practice. However, if you perfect this skill, you’re destined to become a valuable player.