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Come to Vilnius to Find the Europe!

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Vilnius is capital city of Lithuania. It is known for its numerous faces, mysteries, and even contradictions. Germans renamed it as Wilde while the Jews perceived it as the Northern Jerusalem. It is also attached to Athens and Italian Baroque among other people.

The city can be described from its four main quarters. The city can be described by the Catholic Lithuanian and Polish, Orthodox Russian, Protestant German, and Jewish. These quarters were essentially adapted during the NAZI rule in the Russian Empire.

With a mixture of the people who settled in Vilnius previously, the city is associated with numerous cultures and practices. These cultures are mainly attributed to religious beliefs and practices among the people in the city.

The city has several annual events such as church services with the Italian Baroque style, museum exhibitions, and cultural ceremonies. The city also seems more of Catholic and Polish with its high respect for Catholic practices such as patron saint in Saint Casmir and observation of the Old Lady of the Down Gates’ miraculous figure.

The city also appears to take on German lifestyle in some of its observable cultures and practices. There is a German street with foods, clothing, and cultural practices resembling those of the Germans. Also, the Vilnius Baroque has the Johann Christoph Glaubitz style which depicts the famous classical concerts.

Vilnius also has traditional music functions. It is also the home for Ludwig van Beethoven’s muse Christine Gerhardi Frank. Most of these features in the city make it attractive to many German visitors as well as other visitors who are interested in viewing cultures and practices of the Germans.

On the Jewish part of the city, Vilnius has several features representing the Jewish culture and presence. Vilnius is known as the city of Gaon of Vilna. Also, Vilnius has a record of having the most famous theologists and philosophical thinkers. The city has been receiving Jewish visitors and settlers since the 14th century. Therefore, it is already established in hosting cultures, traditions, and practices of the Jews.

Vilnius receives a lot of effects during its winter seasons. The pedestrians and other people walking and working around in the streets are deep in fur clothing. Also, the Orthodox churches with their domes are visible in the winter seasons.

This makes the city to have less people in the city and in its main tourist sites. Thus, you can seek to visit most of the attractive places during this time with less crowds and commotion. At the same time, the charges usually drop down during this time due to reduced number of visitors.

Vilnius is a perfect representation of the cultures, beliefs, practices, and traditions of many Europe people. The city has a representation of the Russians, Germans, Polish, and Jewish among others from Europe. It also hosts regular exhibitions and functions to showcase the cultures, arts, and science which have been developed by citizens from different European origins.

This makes Vilnius to be a perfect destination for visitors who would like to have an experience of many parts of Europe. In its totality, Vilnius represents Europe as a continent.

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Things to Do In Lithuania

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Things to Do In LithuaniaLithuania is among the countries that offers the best tourist experience in Europe. It has a couple of charming and welcoming cities, traditional and cultural delicious foods, beautiful cathedrals and churches, and also numerous outdoor sites for tourism.

What are the Things to do in Lithuania?

With Europe attracting many tourists in different countries, Lithuania is not left in the lags. At the moment, there are many places to visit and many things to do in this former Russian Empire province. These include:

1. Visit Lithuanian Cities

First is the Vilnius Old Town. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with churches, museums, bars, restaurants, and cafes which attract many visitors. Second is the Kaunas City. It has various arts and culture museums and historical building which showcases the success of the early architecture. Other cities include: Klaipeda and Palanga.

2. Visit Aukstaitija Park

This is one of the natural wonders in Lithuania. The park is huge and it hosts large lakes and forests. Many visitors like camping, hiking, and touring across the park to experience new adventures.

3. Visit Trakai

Trakai is not far away from Vilnius City. It is a castle which is made in the center of a lake. Thus, visitors have to sail in order to access the famous Trakai. Throughout the lake, there are numerous ducks making the area look lively and interactive.

Trakai visits with boats and small ships are a popular activity done by Lithuania visitors. At the castle, various features and materials representing Lithuania culture and tradition are showcased and elaborated visitors regularly.

4. Visit the Hill of Crosses

The famous Hill of Crosses of Lithuania is located near Siauliai. It is a large religious shrine which was used by the people who were protesting against Russian Empire and the Soviet for religious purposes. With this shrine, the protestors were able to showcase their feelings and demands. Since then, the shrine has been treasured in its initial form.

5. Visit Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum

The museum was initially a structure that was used to store treasured items by the people from surrounding communities since 1800s. Eventually, it grew into a massive museum which is now preserved and still adored. The museum has different artworks from various parts of Lithuania.

6. Visit Vilnius Cathedral

The cathedral is also known as Arkikatedra Bazilika. It was (and is) the main Roman Catholic Cathedral in Lithuania. Since the 13th century, the cathedral was a famous religious ground which was used even by the Lithuanian King. Although the cathedral has gone through a couple of repair and refinement processes, it still retains its initial construction location and size.

7. Visit Kaunas Museum for the Blind

This is among the top attraction site that is highly observed in Lithuania. The museum is in the catacombs named after St. Michael the Archangel Church. The contents in the museum can only be explored through the senses of smell, sound, and also touch. However, the museum is open to every visitor who is interested to explore its wondrous features.


Lithuania is not fairy popular among many Europe visitors. However, the country hosts numerous sites which welcome activities such as hiking, camping, exploring, adventure, and learning among other purposes.

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10 Top Tourist Attractions In Paris

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Top Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris is the capital city of France. The city has a history that dates up to 2,000 years. It is known to many as a “romantic destination” as well as the “city of love”. It normally receives crowds of visitors regularly during the year.

What are the Top Tourist Attraction Sites in Paris?

As the center for arts and culture, education, religion, and business, Paris has many sites which are sites for tourism. At the same time, it has natural features and landmarks which are interesting to see or explore. These include:

1. Place des Vosges

This is a square amidst residential houses which led to many houses adopting its design. The designation attracts many designers and architectures who want to would like to learn or implement the same design in their works. Also, it is attractive to many visitors especially with its extended ground which is used for resting.

2. Conciergerie

This is a bridge and a large house with towers which were constructed back in the 10th century. It was used for French kings palace services including hosting the workers. The large bridge and the house showcase the early architectural designs and their successes in France. At the same time, it represents French culture and traditions.

3. Eiffel Tower

Visiting France reaches its top after you land at the famous monument which is at the middle of the city of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is the base where many people take or explain directions to other places in the city. It dates back to the 19th century in the French Revolution. Over 15,000 steel peaces and 2.5 million rivets were used to erect the tower on a foundation made with staircases. The structure attracts many visitors attending France.

4. Louvre Museum

Top Tourist Attractions In ParisThe museum was the home to French Kings. These kings brought many materials including artwork, culture representation, gifts, weapons, and mineral elements to the palace from different places in France during their rule. As a result, the home was turned into a museum.

Many other objects and materials were later brought to the museum. The museum contains 17th century sculptures and artworks from the Renaissance period in Italy, over 25,000 artworks from different parts of France, and cultural items adapted from various places.

5. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

The cathedral is in the center of an island in the Seine River. It is a representation of Gothic Architecture which has not taken any qualities of the contemporary architecture. The cathedral dates back to the 12th century when it was founded by King Louis IX. It is also used as a museum since it has numerous materials that were adapted from arts and cultures of the past.

6. Place de la Concorde

It was developed in the 18th century courtesy of King Louis XV. Place de la Concorde is located in an area associated with busy traffic as well as pedestrian movement. The place was used for different operations between French kings and individuals from other regions, for example, Viceroy of Egypt.


Palace is a city which is filled with immense tourism experience. There are many tourist sites with different experiences in the city. The city also has numerous resorts and restaurants which host visitors at relatively lower costs.

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Top 10 Beautiful Capital Cities of Europe

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Europe is a home to a couple of the most beautiful cities in the world. These cities are located in different places such as coastlines, centers for religion, education, trade, art, or business, and in early villages or towns. These cities include the following:

Rome, Italy1. Rome, Italy

Rome is among the earliest cities in Italy. It was constructed by the earliest architectures who erected huge towers and many other social, art, and cultural centers. Street artists, numerous churches, arts and culture museums, and pizza-flooded hotels and restaurants are among the features that make the city appear attractive.

Aegina, Greece

2. Aegina, Greece

Aegina is the home to ancient temples and culture. It provides the clearest view of the Mediterranean. Also, numerous tourist resorts and restaurants, the city welcomes a massive number of visitors regularly. The Avra Beach is also a beauty feature in the city.


3. Amsterdam

It competes with Copenhagen among other most green cities. Amsterdam invented the technology of green roofs. Also, it has numerous gardens which make the city to be green. The city has colleges and universities, museums, and resorts among other attraction sites.

Paris, France

4. Paris, France

The city is known as the most romantic city in the world. With features such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame, and over 150 arts and cultural museum, Paris is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Reykjavik, Iceland

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

This is the capital city of the most visited country in Europe. Reykjavik is the home to the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. It also has various attraction sites such as Old Harbor, aurora view sites, and Sun Voyager among others. Above all, Reykjavik has attractive restaurants and resorts.

Prague, Czech Republic

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has myriad of massive bridges, churches and cathedrals, and also numerous towers which are tipped with gold. It is a large and charming city with a population bound by a welcoming culture. This has made Prague to grow popular and more beautiful.

Berlin, Germany

7. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has a history of the great party town in which no one sleeps. Also, features such as the chariot-topped Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie Museum makes up for the city beauty. Berlin is also decorated by its large towers, cathedrals, universities and colleges, and other museums.

London, England

8. London, England

London is the British capital city. It is also the home to the Queen of England. With its expensive houses, tall towers with early architectural designs, and cathedrals such as the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the city is immensely beautiful.

Barcelona, Spain

9. Barcelona, Spain

This smart city is characterized by large coastline with an attractive sand beach and unique architectural features. Barcelona is also beautified more by features such as Park Guell, City Park, and Montjuic Hills.

Budapest, Hungary

10. Budapest, Hungary

This is the Hungarian capital. It still retains the grace and beauty that was instilled in it by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The city is divided by the River Danube which is an attraction site and a sailing route for vessels trespassing across Vienna and Budapest.


There are numerous beautiful cities in Europe. All these cities are made beautiful by their specific and significant features which are unique from others found in different cities. This makes Europe beautiful as a continent and attractive to many visitors and learners.

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Top Hiking Trails In Iceland

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Iceland is the best place for hiking especially in the summer period. The hiking trails found on the Iceland highlands provide the best platforms for exercise as well as adventure in the land that is visited by many throughout the year.

What are the Top Hiking Trails in Iceland?

There are several hiking trails which are regularly used by visitors and local people for hiking. Most of these trails are extra long and free from urban distractions such as traffic and crowds of people. These include:

1. The Laugavegur Trek

This is the most famous and the longest hiking trail in Iceland. The trail is 55 kilometers long. It connects to the points such as Porsmork and Landmannalaiugar.

With cabins and camping sites, all along you can camp or safely spend the night as you continue with your hiking and trekking exercise.

There is also fresh water from rivers and water springs along the trail. Thus, visitors do not need to carry water all along. The only thing you may need to carry is a water bottle or cap which you will use to fetch water from its fresh sources.

2. Myvatn Lake Hiking Trail

Myvatn Lake has an enormous shore which extends all the way to a neighboring national park. It is regular among many visitors who wish to trek or hike while enjoying watching wild animals and different species of plants.

Also, along the Myvatn Lake, you will have the clearest view of the northern lights of Iceland. The lights can be clearer at the dawn or at the dusk hours.

3. Hornstrandir

HornstrandirIt is a northern peninsula which is easily accessed through boats. It is a nature reserve with numerous beautiful sites for camping, plant species, and great farms. As you hike along the Hornstrandir hiking trail you can enjoy watching most of these natural features and farms which are well-gardened by farmers.

4. Fimmvöruháls Hiking Trail

This is an interesting hiking trail which requires individuals to pull their efforts in order to complete the hike. It is 23 kilometers long. Since the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption that occurred in 2010, this hiking trail grew popular as it attracted many people to walk along and watch the mountain. At the time, the smoke that came from the ground left a warm sensation on it. This led to frequent visits by visitors to the place since that time.

5. Dreki Askja Viti Dreki Trail

This hiking trail is situated in the Askja Hills near Skửtustaoir. The hiking trail is around 15 kilometers. It is a famous hiking trail which provides a clear view of the Askja region and the Norouland Eystra Island. Hiking as a group is usually interesting especially for the individuals who are not well familiar with the place.


There are many long hiking trails in Iceland. These trails are in different places in the country especially in the highland regions. Trekking and hiking in these trails provides both an adventurous experience as well as healthy exercises for the body. It also provides one with a chance to view the natural features in Iceland. For that matter, many visitors attend Iceland frequently to enjoy hiking and trekking along these trails.