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Things to Do In Lithuania

Things to Do In LithuaniaLithuania is among the countries that offers the best tourist experience in Europe. It has a couple of charming and welcoming cities, traditional and cultural delicious foods, beautiful cathedrals and churches, and also numerous outdoor sites for tourism.

What are the Things to do in Lithuania?

With Europe attracting many tourists in different countries, Lithuania is not left in the lags. At the moment, there are many places to visit and many things to do in this former Russian Empire province. These include:

1. Visit Lithuanian Cities

First is the Vilnius Old Town. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with churches, museums, bars, restaurants, and cafes which attract many visitors. Second is the Kaunas City. It has various arts and culture museums and historical building which showcases the success of the early architecture. Other cities include: Klaipeda and Palanga.

2. Visit Aukstaitija Park

This is one of the natural wonders in Lithuania. The park is huge and it hosts large lakes and forests. Many visitors like camping, hiking, and touring across the park to experience new adventures.

3. Visit Trakai

Trakai is not far away from Vilnius City. It is a castle which is made in the center of a lake. Thus, visitors have to sail in order to access the famous Trakai. Throughout the lake, there are numerous ducks making the area look lively and interactive.

Trakai visits with boats and small ships are a popular activity done by Lithuania visitors. At the castle, various features and materials representing Lithuania culture and tradition are showcased and elaborated visitors regularly.

4. Visit the Hill of Crosses

The famous Hill of Crosses of Lithuania is located near Siauliai. It is a large religious shrine which was used by the people who were protesting against Russian Empire and the Soviet for religious purposes. With this shrine, the protestors were able to showcase their feelings and demands. Since then, the shrine has been treasured in its initial form.

5. Visit Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum

The museum was initially a structure that was used to store treasured items by the people from surrounding communities since 1800s. Eventually, it grew into a massive museum which is now preserved and still adored. The museum has different artworks from various parts of Lithuania.

6. Visit Vilnius Cathedral

The cathedral is also known as Arkikatedra Bazilika. It was (and is) the main Roman Catholic Cathedral in Lithuania. Since the 13th century, the cathedral was a famous religious ground which was used even by the Lithuanian King. Although the cathedral has gone through a couple of repair and refinement processes, it still retains its initial construction location and size.

7. Visit Kaunas Museum for the Blind

This is among the top attraction site that is highly observed in Lithuania. The museum is in the catacombs named after St. Michael the Archangel Church. The contents in the museum can only be explored through the senses of smell, sound, and also touch. However, the museum is open to every visitor who is interested to explore its wondrous features.


Lithuania is not fairy popular among many Europe visitors. However, the country hosts numerous sites which welcome activities such as hiking, camping, exploring, adventure, and learning among other purposes.

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