Tips to Use Pressure Cooker Safely

Tips to Use Pressure Cooker Safely

Pressure cooker has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. This has been due to the ability of pressure cooker to save on time and energy while cooking different types of foods. However, using a pressure cooker has presented many people with difficulties with its perceived risks in handling pressure and hot temperatures associated with the equipment.

How Can You Use a Pressure Cooker Safely?

Nonetheless, you can follow certain tips in order to reduce risks and ensure the usage of pressure cooker safely in your house. If you are lookin for high quality pressure cooker that has different features it is recommended that you look into different brands that are well known to offer high quality pressure cookers. One such is the All American brand and its most popular product is the All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure that has been described to be made of cast aluminum and some of the strongest screws available making it reliable and durable wich as a feature is high on our list. To learn more about pressure cookers please read on the list below.

1. Check the Equipment before Cooking

A pressure cooker is designed to confine pressure in its interior during cooking. This increases the temperature in order to aid in the fast cooking of food. Thus, it is important to check the parts that prevent the pressure from escaping such as rubber gasket, locking lid, and the valve. Always make sure that these parts are properly fit in their positions.

2. Regularly Reduce Heat

The pressure cooker operates at 210-220 degrees F. the steam produced is much hotter at 250 degrees F. while you start to cook your food, you may expose the cooker to high temperatures. However, as pressure builds in the pot, you need to regulate the heat in order to avoid excess temperature inside the locked pot. This will prevent overcooking and cases of locking lid busting open.

3. Consider Cooking with Liquid

Many pressure cooker recipes recommend use of liquid while cooking. Cooking liquid produces the pressure from the evaporated steam. This pressure is used to regulate the temperature inside a pot while cooking.

4. Do Not Overfill the Cooker

It is recommended that the cooker should be filled up to two thirds of its contents. Also, it should not be filled over a half of its content with liquid. This leaves a room for the created pressure using evaporating steam for temperature control purposes.

5. Check the Size of Your Equipment

This is important especially before you purchase the cooker. Consider factors such as family size, highly preferred food by the family, and number of meals taken per day. Through this, you will be able to purchase a cooker that can comfortably cook enough food for your family needs without the risk of overfilling it.

6. Learn How to Time

Most of the pressure cooker recipes come with their respective timings. Timing is essential in showing you when the food gets ready without risks of over or under cooking. The PSI of electric pressure cooker’s low and high pressure setting also determines the amount of time that will be spent before food gets readily cooked. However, with a couple of times using the pressure cooker, you will be used to timing.

7. Do Not Open the Pressure Cooker During Cooking Process

Some of the modern pressure cookers have locking lids which cannot be opened during cooking. However, regardless of the locking lid, you should not try to open the pot during cooking. This may expose you to pressure which is at 250 degrees F. It is advisable to use timing in order to determine whether your food is ready.


Most importantly, you should be used to checking the condition of your cooker every time while washing, before storing, and before cooking. This will keep you safe from any hazards that may arouse during cooking processes.

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