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Top Hiking Trails In Iceland


Iceland is the best place for hiking especially in the summer period. The hiking trails found on the Iceland highlands provide the best platforms for exercise as well as adventure in the land that is visited by many throughout the year.

What are the Top Hiking Trails in Iceland?

There are several hiking trails which are regularly used by visitors and local people for hiking. Most of these trails are extra long and free from urban distractions such as traffic and crowds of people. These include:

1. The Laugavegur Trek

This is the most famous and the longest hiking trail in Iceland. The trail is 55 kilometers long. It connects to the points such as Porsmork and Landmannalaiugar.

With cabins and camping sites, all along you can camp or safely spend the night as you continue with your hiking and trekking exercise.

There is also fresh water from rivers and water springs along the trail. Thus, visitors do not need to carry water all along. The only thing you may need to carry is a water bottle or cap which you will use to fetch water from its fresh sources.

2. Myvatn Lake Hiking Trail

Myvatn Lake has an enormous shore which extends all the way to a neighboring national park. It is regular among many visitors who wish to trek or hike while enjoying watching wild animals and different species of plants.

Also, along the Myvatn Lake, you will have the clearest view of the northern lights of Iceland. The lights can be clearer at the dawn or at the dusk hours.

3. Hornstrandir

HornstrandirIt is a northern peninsula which is easily accessed through boats. It is a nature reserve with numerous beautiful sites for camping, plant species, and great farms. As you hike along the Hornstrandir hiking trail you can enjoy watching most of these natural features and farms which are well-gardened by farmers.

4. Fimmvöruháls Hiking Trail

This is an interesting hiking trail which requires individuals to pull their efforts in order to complete the hike. It is 23 kilometers long. Since the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption that occurred in 2010, this hiking trail grew popular as it attracted many people to walk along and watch the mountain. At the time, the smoke that came from the ground left a warm sensation on it. This led to frequent visits by visitors to the place since that time.

5. Dreki Askja Viti Dreki Trail

This hiking trail is situated in the Askja Hills near Skửtustaoir. The hiking trail is around 15 kilometers. It is a famous hiking trail which provides a clear view of the Askja region and the Norouland Eystra Island. Hiking as a group is usually interesting especially for the individuals who are not well familiar with the place.


There are many long hiking trails in Iceland. These trails are in different places in the country especially in the highland regions. Trekking and hiking in these trails provides both an adventurous experience as well as healthy exercises for the body. It also provides one with a chance to view the natural features in Iceland. For that matter, many visitors attend Iceland frequently to enjoy hiking and trekking along these trails.

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