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Come to Vilnius to Find the Europe!

Vilnius is capital city of Lithuania. It is known for its numerous faces, mysteries, and even contradictions. Germans renamed it as Wilde while the Jews perceived it as the Northern Jerusalem. It is also attached to Athens and Italian Baroque among other people.

The city can be described from its four main quarters. The city can be described by the Catholic Lithuanian and Polish, Orthodox Russian, Protestant German, and Jewish. These quarters were essentially adapted during the NAZI rule in the Russian Empire.

With a mixture of the people who settled in Vilnius previously, the city is associated with numerous cultures and practices. These cultures are mainly attributed to religious beliefs and practices among the people in the city.

The city has several annual events such as church services with the Italian Baroque style, museum exhibitions, and cultural ceremonies. The city also seems more of Catholic and Polish with its high respect for Catholic practices such as patron saint in Saint Casmir and observation of the Old Lady of the Down Gates’ miraculous figure.

The city also appears to take on German lifestyle in some of its observable cultures and practices. There is a German street with foods, clothing, and cultural practices resembling those of the Germans. Also, the Vilnius Baroque has the Johann Christoph Glaubitz style which depicts the famous classical concerts.

Vilnius also has traditional music functions. It is also the home for Ludwig van Beethoven’s muse Christine Gerhardi Frank. Most of these features in the city make it attractive to many German visitors as well as other visitors who are interested in viewing cultures and practices of the Germans.

On the Jewish part of the city, Vilnius has several features representing the Jewish culture and presence. Vilnius is known as the city of Gaon of Vilna. Also, Vilnius has a record of having the most famous theologists and philosophical thinkers. The city has been receiving Jewish visitors and settlers since the 14th century. Therefore, it is already established in hosting cultures, traditions, and practices of the Jews.

Vilnius receives a lot of effects during its winter seasons. The pedestrians and other people walking and working around in the streets are deep in fur clothing. Also, the Orthodox churches with their domes are visible in the winter seasons.

This makes the city to have less people in the city and in its main tourist sites. Thus, you can seek to visit most of the attractive places during this time with less crowds and commotion. At the same time, the charges usually drop down during this time due to reduced number of visitors.

Vilnius is a perfect representation of the cultures, beliefs, practices, and traditions of many Europe people. The city has a representation of the Russians, Germans, Polish, and Jewish among others from Europe. It also hosts regular exhibitions and functions to showcase the cultures, arts, and science which have been developed by citizens from different European origins.

This makes Vilnius to be a perfect destination for visitors who would like to have an experience of many parts of Europe. In its totality, Vilnius represents Europe as a continent.

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